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NBS and Scott Hamilton

Nothing But Swing Trio - Klaudius Kovac, piano, Robert Ragan, bass and Peter Solarik, drums - are joined by American tenor saxophone star Scott Hamilton at a gig in Kosice, Slovakia during August 2008.

Hevhetia stars perform at the Passing Impressions Festival of New Music from Slovakia in London, 2nd, 3rd, 4th November 2006

Left-Right:Nora Skuta, Peter Katina, Ksenia Jones, Miki Skuta, David McQueen in St. Pancras Church (Photo:Courtesy of Peter Katina)Nora Skuta prepares the piano for the John Cage Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano in the Conway Hall (Photo: John Cronin)Left-Right: Stano Paluch, Robert Ragan, Marcel Comendant-PaCoRa-in the Conway Hall (Photo:John Cronin)Marcel Comendant strikes the Cymbalom (Photo:John Cronin)Ondrej Krajnak, piano and Radovan Tariska, alto sax in the Conway Hall (Photo:John Cronin)Slovak Sinfonietta Zilina rehearse in St. Pancras Church (Photo:John Cronin)Composer, Lubica Salamon-Cekovska, with members of the Slovak Sinfonietta Zilina (Photo:Courtesy of Peter Katina)Miki Skuta at the Conway Hall (Photo Olga Smetanova)Lubor Priehradnik at the Conway Hall (Photo Olga Smetanova)Oskar Rozsa at the Conway Hall (Photo Olga Smetanova)