Gallery 2

A Meeting With Martinu 

Our Multi-Media event to launch the World Premiere recording of Martinu's unfinished opera Le Jour de Bonte (The Day of Charity) took place on Sunday 14th November 2010 at the Leicester Square Theatre, London.


Guests of Czech Music Direct included
Jazz pianist and composer Jonathan Cohen
who ran our CD stall.

CD StallStilec

Jiri Stilec, Director of Czech CD label Arco Diva came with his son Marek, conductor of the Quattro Orchestra.

Galina and John

Martinu's Duo for Violin and Viola was played by Galina Solodchin and John Underwood,  members of the Delme Quartet.

Panel Discussion

Graham Melville Mason of the Dvorak Society, Jiri Stilec, Martin Anderson of International Record Review Magazine and John Underwood, (L to R) for our panel discussion.


Photographs © John Cronin